Meet the Makers

Linda Rush

Studio 8

Showing at 9268 Road 509, Plevna


I came from the big city to live at my home in Ompah in the late 1970’s. Before coming here I had done a great deal of craft work, and received one year of formal art training at the New School of Art in Toronto. I have been painting ever since, and have tried out most mediums, and taken many workshops to learn about different techniques and approaches to visual art.

I consider myself to be primarily a water-colourist, and I will always love painting in that medium. In recent years, however, I have done a great deal of work in acrylics, and am also beginning to incorporated collage and multimedia techniques into my work.

My subject matter usually involves landscapes and gardenscapes, and I find lots of inspiration in my beautiful North Frontenac surroundings. I am increasingly interested in incorporating human figures into my work.