MarZeeDotes Designs

Studio 10

Showing at ClarMill Hall - 6598 Buckshot Lake Road, Plevna

Mar-zee-dotes was the nickname my siblings christened me with when I came along, the baby of the family, so the name is near and dear to my heart.  When it came time to conjure a name for my fledgling jewellery business my old nickname seemed a natural fit. I have been creating jewellery on and off since I made my first macrame choker back in the mid ‘70’s, and I have yet to meet a medium I do not enjoy using.  There is such satisfaction in turning a piece of copper or silver, polymer or metal clay, or a bunch of beads into something beautiful to wear.  Each piece is handmade and as unique as the person wearing it.  

I am excited to be once again taking part in the North Frontenac Back Roads Studio Tour.  You can find me with other artists at the ClarMill Hall, along with my bullet jewellery, polymer clay creations, and morse code necklaces.

Marion Farrell

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